Being an Indian traveller, it is a culture visiting the suburb of Dharamshala; lying in the Kangra district of the beautiful land of Himachal Pradesh, McLeod Ganj is one of the favourite travelling destinations for Indian travel freaks. Being a non-Indian only adds up to more excitement and elation exploring the streets of McLeodganj. Also known as Lhasa, named by the local Tibetan public, McLeodGanj has an average elevation of 2,082 meter and situated in the Dhauladhar Range. There is a treat for beauty and simplicity at the same time in the very heavenly land of Lhasa. It is also open to the amazing trek to Triund from various spots and thoroughfare. Lhasa holds a few, “must-go” tourist spots that none can pass by. Few; but amazing to treat on.


Triund is also termed as the crown jewel of Dharamshala. situated in the laps of Dhauladhar mountains, it has the perfect, beautiful view of Dhauladhar mountain on one side and Kangra Valley on the other. This 9 Km trek is a treat for all age groups and types. It’s tranquility is counted as its perks and henceforth is easily accomplished by tourists and travellers of all types.

The last kilometer of the Triund Trek is famous for its sharp “22 curves” before you finally reach Triund.


One of the most alluring tourist spots at Lhasa, the Bhagsu Falls is a treat to the eye, soul and mind if you are looking out for peace and some good “me-time”. The peace and serenity of the place glorifies the beauty of the blissful nature’s treat. Connecting Dharamshala and McLeodGanj in the midst, it is the perfect destination for family get-togethers and picnics. The Cafes and eating outlets surrounding the place serve hot and sizzling food items with a hint of local taste and spices in the most common of dishes. The SHIVA CAFE​ is the perfect place for a stop-by and sizzlers in the local spices and tastes. Want a taste of Hippie culture? Shiva Cafe is the place!


Though the external architecture of the monastery is not very royal, once you enter the premises, it gives a heavenly feeling. It opens up your mind and also helps you introspect the meaning of life. The interior of the Namgyal Monastery is decorated with paintings, sculptures, and images of Lord Buddha and other idols of Buddhism.After the Red Chinese attacked Tibet in 1959, the 14th Dalai Lama and thousands of Namgyal monks escaped to the countries of Nepal, India, and Bhutan which led to the establishment of Namgyal Monastery in India. The monastery was first built in the year 1575 by 3rd Dalai Lama in Tibet which was then moved to Mcleod ganj after the Tibetan revolts in 1959.

At present, there are nearly 200 monks in the monastery who work towards protecting the practices, skills, and traditions of the monastery. The study of the languages Tibetan and English, texts of Sutra and Tantra, Buddhist philosophy, sand mandalas, ritual chanting, and dances are all included in the study of Buddhism.

Located beneath the hearts of Bhagsunath Falls, Bhagsunath Temple is filled with the lush of greeneries and nature around it. Bhagsunath Temple is a shrine of great importance that is located about 3 kilometers from Mcleodganj. Also popularly known as Bhagsunag Temple, the temple is one of the oldest ancient temples that can be found in Mcleodganj. The majestic temple was built by King Bhagsu in the dedication of Lord Shiva and the local deity Bhagsu Nag and is situated at the height of 1770 meters above the sea level. The temple attracts a huge number of devotees and tourists throughout the year, who visit it to experience tranquillity and peace in the midst of nature’s beauty.

This neo-gothic architecture was built back in 1852 in honour of John,the Bapist. It is located in Dharamshala, on the way to McLeodGanj. It is also considered as one of the most important churches in Himachal Pradesh.It is also the final resting place of Lord Ergin, governor general and viceroy of India during the British Raj.

McLeodGanj is famous for its culture, art and amenities portraying the Tibetan Culture and local richness of food and culture. The handicrafts are a straight peep into the vastness of the local culture with different aspects and points.Some of the famous street markets of McLeodganj include Kotwali Bazar, Jogibara Road, and McLeodganj Central Square. Kotwali Bazaar has numerous local and street shops. One can find everything there ranging from the items of daily use to exotic carvings. It is mostly famous for its Tibetan rugs and carpets.

The shopping experience in McLeodganj is worth remembering, provided you know how to bargain and purchase the local items of the place such as Tibetan mats and carpets. The area is also famous for its jewelry. Handmade paintings are a hit there, are beautifully made and a perfect gift to give someone.