Have you ever experience something that left you speechless at first and a storyteller later? But I consider myself lucky because I have had many such experiences and very time I travel to a new place I experience the same astonishment.

It was a really long journey from Delhi to Kasol. I always wanted to travel alone to this beautiful place. I slept the whole time during my journey and the time I woke up it was bright green Parvati valley, flowing down the mighty River Parvati. And after an hour or so I reached my final destination Kasol.

I was super excited as I already had pre-booked hotel through Go Limits Pvt. Ltd. And I was stunned to see the view from my hotel room. My stay was just next to the Parvati River. After having a meal and a quick shower I was planning to explore the valley.

After talking to a few locals I decided to trek Chalal, which is a very small isolated village in the region but is known for its mesmerizing views. It took an hour or so to reach the place. I found myself in a situation I never ever have experienced in my life it was almost dawn the locals were returning back to their homes. In some homes the dinner was served, the place was becoming quieter with each passing moment.

I was tired and my body was drenched in sweat but the view was worth the run. I settled down under the roof of an old abandoned house and saw the most amazing sunset that day. The birds chirruping and the color of the sky made the view more scenic.

The view from there was not less than a beautiful painting hung in the art gallery mostly because of the lush green valley and spectacular view.

I was there watching the view, the sun, the village, and lighted homes of locals. I returned back to my place really late at night and past out.

Some places have your heart and soul and for me, Kasol is the one.

It’s been 4 years since then but the charm is this place has only increased. Every year I come to this peaceful valley sometimes with my family or friends or bunch or travellers like me besides that I often come here alone to re-discover what already have been discovered.

This place is nature’s lap for me and every time I come here I feel a step closer to my inner self.

Planning to catch the beautiful sunrise in Kasol??

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Happy Travelling!

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